This Sustainable Comforter Is Nothing Short of Life-changing

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Scouting Report: is breathable, lightweight, and —of course— totally sustainable and made from recycled materials.

While I was initially skeptical about how comfortable sustainable sheets would be— luckily, I was able to find the perfect pair that was not only soft and non-irritating to my skin, but also cool as a cucumber. I fell in love with these flax linen sheets hard and fast. Considering I am the kind of person who loathes any kind of change, getting rid of my old bamboo sheets was big for me.

Now that I had a taste of how awesome sustainable sheets can be, I was more than eager to take the sustainable comforter plunge this summer. After all, because sustainable bedding products are now more available now than ever., I figured it would be fairly easy to snag a comforter that pairs nicely with my sheets.

Thankfully, I would not have to search high and low for a decent sustainable comforter, as has proven to be a life-changer, just the way my new sheets were. To be more specific, unlike my coral cotton comforter I have had for a decade (I told you I was bad with change!), this comforter is like smuggling that snug hotel comforter you loved sleeping with on your last vacation back home with you. Its cool, silky touch feels great all over its body (especially on freshly shaved legs!), and it is plush and thick, but not heavy enough to the point where you’re sweating beneath it.

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And yes, this wouldn’t be a proper sustainable comforter review without mentioning its materials, wouldn’t it? So, if you are extra curious about that, let me explain: this comforter has a unique polyfill made from recycled water bottles and TENCEL™ Lyocell, a sustainable fiber that derives from wood. Because TENCEL™ Lyocell is a soft yet naturally temperature-regulating material, it has been a godsend for this stomach sleeper who has bad bouts of night sweats from time to time. Basically, I liken it to a big fluffy white cloud that feels oh-so-snug on your body, while also sparing you from the task of applying deodorant before you hit the sack.

In short, if you are looking for a comforter upgrade that’s worth the money, this comforter is definitely worth the splurge. Its cooling, sustainable materials, and silky touch make your bed feel just like the fancy hotel bed you loved and think about often. And when paired with sustainable sheets, it’s basically a hot sleeper’s dream just in time for summer. Now, onto finding a sustainable pillow to complete my bedding set!

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