This Toothbrush Taught Me That I’m Rushing Through My Teeth Cleaning, and How To Fix It

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I’ll admit it—I’ve never owned an electric toothbrush until now. I’ve been brushing my teeth with a standard plastic toothbrush for years and it’s been getting the job done… or at least I thought it was. That is until I tried Colgate Hum, a compact, brightly colored electric toothbrush that tracks your brushing habits and helps you maximize your brushing sessions.

This smart toothbrush connects to the Colgate app and monitors your brushing habits, prompting you with helpful tips like, “Angle your brush 45 degrees” or “You’re brushing too slow!” and will adjust accordingly as you do. I quickly learned that if I were not being prompted, my brushing session would be much shorter than the two-minute timeline that the Hum takes me through. And even if I don’t feel like taking my phone with me into the bathroom to follow along in the app, the toothbrush will vibrate every 30 seconds, letting me know it’s time to switch sections. It also vibrates three times when you’ve hit the two-minute mark so you know when to stop. The best part? You get “smile points” every time you brush, and 100 points are equal to $1 for replacement brush heads and toothpaste. It feels like free money to me, since I’m going to be brushing my teeth at least twice a day anyway. It’s a win-win!

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