TULA’s Collab With Magnolia Bakery Is the Most Delicious Drop of the Year

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You know how Hailey Bieber coined the term ‘glazed donut skin’ to describe that irresistible glow? Take this as my official statement that glazed donut skin is out and delicious ‘banana pudding skin’ is in. But not just any plain old banana pudding, I’m talking about the legendary Magnolia Bakery banana pudding. Hear me out: I get that the idea of banana pudding on your face might not sound so appealing at first, but TULA’s recent partnership with Magnolia birthed a new limited-edition product I couldn’t be more obsessed with: a Banana Pudding Cleansing Body Exfoliator.

Magnolia Bakery reminds me of when I first moved to the city as a New York University college student years ago. I first visited the iconic bakery with my mom before moving here and their banana pudding became my comfort food of choice whenever I missed home. It also became the sweet treat reward for when I aced a test or got the internship I wanted. TLDR: Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding is famous for a reason; it reaps an imitable sense of homemade love in a jar. So, you can imagine why I am so obsessed with this TULA collab.

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