Twenty Things that Caught My Eye Today: Religious Freedom, Religious Hostility, and Hope

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1. Ex-HHS official Severino predicts decade of religious liberty wins following Fulton ruling — Coverage of the event the National Review Institute did with the Heritage Foundation on Monday

You can watch the event here.

3. Life Savers: The Sisters of Life at 30

The overall number of babies’ lives saved by the Sisters of Life is immeasurable. The nuns’ deep prayer life and inspiring public message of hope is likely changing the hearts and minds of many hundreds of women in crisis pregnancies everywhere. To be sure, these may never register as statistics, or show up on the nuns’ doorsteps in distress. But transformed by this prayer and profound message, we can imagine how these women lovingly raise their babies instead of having abortions. The official number of lives saved by the Sisters of Life is huge, not surprisingly, as many as 8,000 babies alone saved over the past decade, given the current number of women in crisis pregnancies the Sisters of Life now serve annually. (And that official number may be a conservative estimate.)

You can hear more about the Sisters of Life right from them by listening to their podcast Let Love.

4. Down Syndrome and the Option of Adoption

5. Robert P. George: Roe Must Go

Roe must go. It is morally and, more to the point for the Court, constitutionally indefensible—and has been from the moment it was handed down.

There is no constitutional right to elective abortion on any responsible reading of our national charter; that this “right” was unconstitutionally fabricated by the Supreme Court in what dissenting Justice Byron White, a John F. Kennedy appointee and a Democrat, denounced as an “act of raw judicial power”; and that Roe and later cases based on it must be overturned. Reversing Roe is the only path consistent with the rule of law and basic justice. 

6. Bishop Robert Barron: Bishop: Will Catholic Dems support protections for babies who survive abortion?

Any authentic dialogue involves some willingness to give and take. Over the years, I’ve been involved in a number of ecumenical and inter-religious dialogues. No one expected the participants in those exchanges to adopt a stance of religious neutrality, but at the very least, there was a shared sense that we could find points of contact. 

As I said, the church is happy to consider any proposal that would set some restrictions on the taking of unborn life. We’re willing to reach out. But if protecting the life of a baby struggling to breathe, after surviving a brutal attack on his life, is a bridge too far for pro-abortion-rights politicians, then I ask again, what are we dialoguing about? And let’s be honest, in regard to the baby under consideration, all of the standard justifications for aborting a child — he’s not really a person, he’s not capable of independent existence, he experiences no sensation of pain, etc. — simply fall away. 

So may I offer a challenge to pro-abortion-rights Catholic politicians and may I be very specific?  If you’re truly interested in dialoguing with the church on this crucial matter, show a little profile in courage and support born-alive legislation. If you can take this small step in the direction of protecting innocent life, I’ll know you’re serious about the conversation. 

7. Melinda Henneberger raises questions pro-lifers ought to pray about:  What would Missouri lawmakers do to end abortion? Anything except what it would take

And as the pro-life New York Times columnist Ross Douthat wrote in April, if abortion were ever really outlawed in the United States, the massive infusion of social funding needed to make a complete ban work by doing a lot more to support women and families “would require a different Republican Party than the one that exists today.”

If you really hated abortion so much, gentlemen, then you’d think that through.

It’s a lot cheaper and more politically advantageous, though, to take on Planned Parenthood instead. So now Parson, who enables the same Midwestern ayatollahs whose fundamentalism so amazes him, has promised to do that.

“Leaders in the Missouri House and Senate are working closely with Governor Parson to put a REAL plan in place to, once and for all, defund Planned Parenthood in the state of Missouri,” Rowden said in his Facebook post, adding that he hopes this effort “actually deals a knock out blow to Planned Parenthood. I am one ready to give the knock out.”

Then on to funding the child care and mental health and addiction services and other programs that it would take to make abortion unnecessary, right?

8. WSJ: Canadian Police Investigate Catholic Churches’ Burning Down on Indigenous Land

9. Religious Freedom Week Shines Light on Anti-Catholic Vandalism

At least 75 attacks on Catholic properties have occurred since May 2020, according to a USCCB page that tracks media reports of church property damage. The USCCB page records incidents in 24 states. Nearly half the listed incidents involved damage to a statue on church grounds, with about one out of six incidents involving arson or possible arson. 

Another incident occurred on June 28, when a church in Denver was defaced with graffiti that appeared to have a possible relationship to the controversy in Canada over gravesites found recently at former government-owned residential schools for Indigenous people that were operated by Catholics.

10. Canadian basketball player forced to choose between Olympics and infant daughter

11. Governor Cuomo Signs the Gender Recognition Act

12. Parents speak out about the ‘rush’ to reassign the gender of their kids

Single mom Bri was visiting the pediatrician’s office with her 15-year-old, a child struggling with anxiety, when the doctor said: “If you don’t affirm your daughter’s gender identity, or get her the help she needs, and she kills herself, you’re going to feel awfully guilty.”

Bri, who asked The Post to publish only her nickname for fear of being branded a bigot and doxxed by transgender-rights activists, was horrified — not only by the insinuation her teen would commit suicide if she didn’t transition, but also the fact that the general practitioner issued the warning in front of them both.

13. Responding to the horrors that face the Uighurs

14. Former Patient Speaks Out: ‘Gender Transition’ Regret Deserves a Voice

15. When the Red Cross supports chastity


17. As Sudan Withdraws Islamist Ideology, Clear Progress on Religious Freedom

18. Parents of Amazon CEO donate $12 million to Catholic school

Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant who married Jeff Bezos’ mother after she divorced, pledged the money to the Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware, where he graduated in 1963.

“We have been blessed in significant ways,” Miguel Bezos said in a statement. “One of them, very early on in my refugee life, was to have arrived at Salesianum School and to be part of Casa de Sales where I was surrounded by other young refugees going through the same scary experience.”