Ziwe’s Talk Show Is Beating the Jimmys at Their Own Game

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I found Ziwe like so many did, through the viral clips that consistently make rounds on Twitter.

The clips all have the same vibe: Ziwe, looking consistently beautiful in the trendiest fashion and full glam, sitting in her entirely millennial-pink talk show set, stares down a squirming celebrity. Ziwe is not just asking the hard questions, but the impossible ones. Her guests’ comments are taken out of context, misquoted in the chyrons plastered beneath them, and edited awkwardly as they try to talk about the big issues. To agree to be on Ziwe is to agree to look bad, the very opposite of a traditional talk show set-up.

In the world of Ziwe (and it is, indeed, her world: All credits in the opening titles—starring, producing, musical performances, consulting—are attributed to herself), celebrities are forced to sit in the hot seat and stay there. Ziwe is ready to take the rich and famous down a peg—staring outward from her gorgeous graphic eyeliner at her uncomfortable guest, an often disbelieving smile across her face, oozing a persona of extreme, unshakable confidence. She delights in costume jewelry, pink index cards, impossibly tall heels.

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