Zoë Chao Had a Blast Poisoning Nazis on ‘Party Down’

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Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/STARZ

There has never been a Shania Twain-themed Western event on Party Down, but Zoë Chao would like to change that. If the actress were allowed to host her own party in the cult TV show, it would be Twain-themed for her sister Maia, who occasionally goes by “Sha-Maia.” Ken Marino would wear a cowboy hat. Adam Scott would wear bright pink cowgirl boots. You get the gist.

Chao has already been given a lofty task by joining the revival of Party Down: replace Lizzy Caplan, effectively, who was too busy shooting other series to return for a new season of the 2009 Starz comedy. Though she’s not Henry (Scott)’s love interest, and her role is certainly goofier than Caplan’s sardonic Casey (who’s made it in acting when the story picks up in this new edition), she more than fills the void of the younger woman in the main cast of caterers.

Again, these are tough non-slip shoes to fill. Chao proves herself as the perfect fit not only on the show, but also in our interview—in which she can plan her dream Party Down festivities in 30 seconds flat, list out her own party etiquette, and explain why she’s in so many TV shows with the word “party” in the title. Chao even spent a handful of years working in the service industry, just like the caterers in this show. She was born to be in the Party Down cast.

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